Canadian fertility show
Thanks for the feedback!  Lots of attendees of our events have asked for lectures to be available after the show as well as being interested in other educational lectures and programs.  We have posted the 2021 Lectures Replay as well as the Enhance Fertility Pregnancy Prep Program and we will be adding more content throughout the year to support your education and fertility journey.
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If you missed the 4th annual Canadian Fertility Show this is your opportunity to catch up. You will have access to over 20 lectures covering topics such as nutrition, IVF, natural fertility, egg and sperm donation and more. Course cost is $29 for 3 months unlimited viewing.  Click here to buy.
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4 week course - Join Dr. Jodie Peacock ND in this 4 week course focused on preconception planning.  You will learn optimal nutrition/diet, understanding of hormonal balance, labs, supplementation,  stress, exercise, egg and sperm quality and the basics of detoxification and their impact on your fertility. Designed to prepare both partners health for getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.
Course cost is $129.  Click here to buy.
Watch naturopathic doctors Dr. Jodie Peacock ND from Enhance Fertility, Dr. Olivia Rose ND from The Rose clinic and Acupuncturist Michelle Kapler from Fertility Academy Podcast  for a previously recorded Q &A session. This webinar addressed how to optimize your fertility with diet, lifestyle and acupuncture.  Click here to watch this free webinar.
Watch this pre-recorded webinar featuring Heather Brooks and  Liz Ellwood from Fertility Match Canada, Dr Dixon from Anova Fertility and Ziva Shmorgun, reproductive health counselor, in a recorded discussion about egg donation in Canada.  Click here to watch this free webinar.
Enhance Fertility is a Canadian manufactured high quality supplement line designed to optimize your health to help prepare both partners for healthy pregnancy.  Use this link to receive a 10% discount or enter code CFS10.