We are one of Canada’s leading fertility centres with some of the most successful rates of pregnancy. With a state-of-the art laboratory and deeply experienced doctors, we can support the myriad paths to parenthood. Our advanced treatments include IVF, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A), and freezing eggs.

our overall wellness plays a significant role in your fertility. Our staff and doctors are committed to understanding your needs and providing a multidisciplinary approach to your care. Our clinical team will work with you to set your treatment plan, and our caring staff will help you access services to improve both your experience and your fertility outcomes. We aim to make our services entirely inclusive of gender and sexual diversity.

Generation Fertility physicians have years of experience and insight to help guide you through your care options and treatment. You will be supported by our dedicated team of nurses, counselors, laboratory technicians, and other care staff to ensure your experience is a positive one.

Take Control Of Your Fertility