Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a family and for many children and youth and prospective parents that can become a reality through adoption. The Child & Youth Permanency Council of Canada is a great place to begin your journey and they offer lots of information and support on how to begin.

Gestational surrogacy is another great way for people to create their families. The use of a surrogate (woman who is going to carry, labour and deliver a child on behalf of another person/couple) is helpful in many cases of infertility, for same sex couples as well as for individuals on their journey to parenthood.


Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada (CYPCC): Their mission is to encourage and support people throughout their adoption journey. They provide resources and facilitate programs that encourage placement of children and youth with loving, permanent families. They also have strong belief in ongoing support that may be required by families post-adoption to ensure longevity and success in those relationships. For more information or to access more resources check out their website:  https://www.permanency.ca/about

The Adoption Council of Ontario is a non-profit charitable organization that was formed by representatives of the adoption community. It is a representation of all aspects of adoption inclusive of birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents and adoption professionals. Visit their website for more information: https://adoption.on.ca

Other Provincial Adoption Organizations/Information:


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