Unlock the future of personalized fertility care around the world.
Bring the power of AI to collaborate with fertility professionals, optimize reproductive care and empower patients at all stages of their fertility journey.

We named our first product Violet as a tribute to co-founder Rene Bharti’s daughter, who was conceived via IVF and inspired the mission of Future Fertility.

When Rene and his wife Paulina were in treatment, they embraced all technology available to increase their odds of success. But they discovered a major gap: there was no way to evaluate the quality of their eggs, despite how crucial oocyte health is for pregnancy. Embryos and sperm get graded—why not eggs?

Forward-thinking reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Dan Nayot also recognized this need and saw promise in the growing use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. With his medical and mathematics expertise, Dr. Nayot knew that visual machine-learning could evaluate eggs in a way that the human eye can’t. Paired with Rene’s background in solutions-oriented tech, the two set out to fill this critical void in fertility treatment.

What started as a clinical need soon became a passionate research project and, in 2018, the first tool to use artificial intelligence to score egg quality. Together, Rene and Dr. Nayot created a science-backed solution to empower patients, doctors, and embryologists around the world.


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