Kore~Energy Chiropractic


Currently, our world seems like it is in a state of emergency and despair. Our lifestyles are imbalanced, overwhelming, and overstimulated. People are often feeling lost and finding refuge in following the herd when it comes to their healthcare choices. We’re seeing individuals and families that are scared, weak, disempowered, and full of sickness and disease, not knowing where to turn for help.

We at Kore~Energy Chiropractic want more for our patients and the people in our community! We offer natural solutions that empower patients as they embark on and uncover intentional health strategies for themselves and their families, where greater health, healing and life expression is enjoyed.

Providing a Healing Space

Dr. Nancy Korenic had a vision to create a space where people and families come to get connected to their inner healer. Dr. Nancy Korenic has been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Mississauga community since 2001. In 2007, she and her husband Mark joined forces and opened Kore~Energy Chiropractic to serve the community better with a full service wellness centre. Together they wanted to empower people and families to live happier and healthier lives. At Kore~Energy Chiropractic, patients are encouraged and taught to express their full potential by engaging in their life, getting proactive with their health and getting in tune with their own inner magnificence. Patients then find themselves fully equipped with the inspiration and education they need to make fully informed choices for themselves and their families. Chiropractic and Kore~Energy offer a unique, non-invasive approach to health care that respects the body’s own innate ability to heal itself.

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