Oasis Fertility Support Network


Oasis Fertility Support Network is a community offering hope, strength and guidance in the desert of infertility. This journey isn’t easy, but together we can do hard things. We created Oasis because we’ve been through it. The loneliness. The loss. The overwhelm. The many, many needles. But in the desert of infertility, we found something that got us through. We found each other. By gathering with others who were going through it too, we started creating a community of people who understood, could support us, check in on us, share what they’d learned, and offer us hope. And it made all the difference.  We want to provide that same solidarity, hope and guidance to others who are struggling to build their families. First and foremost, we’re a growing support group network hoping to one day offer in-person support groups building community all over Canada. It’s also our goal to become a resource for information, supportive programs, fertility events and treatment funding.

Our support groups exist for anyone who is using fertility treatment, surrogacy or adoption to start their family because they face a medical or physical barrier in the way of their fertility. We share our stories and learn from each other, leaving with a sense of renewed strength, energy and hope. Come join our community!

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