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Since 1975, Xytex has been providing the expertise needed to help people fulfill their dreams of starting or growing a family through sperm donation. As an international cryoservices leader, we are committed to unsurpassed quality and giving our clients an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Take Control Of Your Fertility

With 45 years of trusted experience, Xytex sperm bank has helped thousands of families’ dreams come true, delivering a personalized donor selection process for the LGBTQ+, SMBC, and infertility communities. Our donors exceed expectations when it comes to sperm health, providing a detailed family medical history and testing for 283 genetic carrier conditions. Xytex has the largest adult photo selection of 300+ diverse donors and ships to over 40 countries worldwide. With thousands of success stories and an international presence, it’s no wonder we’re the longest-running sperm bank in the US. When it comes to a life-changing decision, your choice of sperm bank is crucial. We’re proud to say we’re in the business of making miracles happen.