David Firmin

David Firmin, LCSW, ANZICA, FSA


Topic: The 1%: Donor qualification in modern sperm banks.

Life is full of uncertainty. Choosing a donor and wondering if they have mental issues doesn’t have to be. Life is to be treasured, and it’s my job to put your mind at ease when choosing the right donor. My great passion in working with Xytex is bringing a protective and clinical aspect to the behavioral evaluation in our screening process of prospective donors. The goal of this talk is to educate those curious about the screening process of male sperm donors, and highlight the steps taken to ensure the quality of donor that our clients deserve – the 1% of donors who make it all the way through our screening process.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Clinical Social Work from Augusta University and a Master of Clinical Social Work and Behavioral Health from the University of South Carolina. I have advanced clinical licensing for independent practice recognized by the NASW and I am a member in good standing of the NASW, ANZICA, FSA, and DART. Disclosure: I have a private practice that contracts with Xytex International to perform mental health evaluations/screenings of all prospective donors.