Dr. Bev Young, MD, FRCPC

Psychiatrist and Co-Founder


Topic: Ensuring optimal mental health for your fertility journey

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Dr. Bev Young is the co-founder of BRIA, a one-stop shop for women’s mental healthcare. She is a psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, specializing in women’s mental health issues across the reproductive life cycle. Her career has focused specifically on mood and anxiety disorders relating to pregnancy, infertility, perinatal loss and postpartum adjustment. Before co-founding BRIA, Dr. Bev developed and led two of the largest perinatal psychiatry programs in Ontario and has been using virtual care to treat patients across Ontario since 2014.  As a leader in her field, she is relentlessly dedicated to improving access to high quality reproductive psychiatric care. With her new virtual clinic, BRIA, she hopes to provide access to mental health services to women+ across Canada.

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