Dr. Jen Fitzgerald ND

Dr. Jen Fitzgerald, ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Fern DNA

Topic: Your Fertility Fingerprint - Optimizing your Reproductive Health with Nutrigenomics

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Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald provides a unique integrative model combining conventional and naturopathic medicine to create an optimal environment for fertility. She dives deeper to address the physical, physiological and environmental aspects of infertility. This includes nutritional status, emotional state, toxic exposures, stress levels, infection, inflammation, immune system function, age and/or other lifestyle factors.

Dr. Fitzgerald’s clinical focus is on endocrinology and fertility for men and women, with a special interest in recurrent pregnancy loss and autoimmune infertility.

By bringing intended parents back to optimal health before conception, she increases pregnancy rates, improves clinical outcomes and optimizes the health of both parents and baby.

Dr. Fitzgerald co-founded Conceive Health with Dr. Tracy Malone, which is one of the only Naturopathic clinics in Canada situated within a full-service fertility centre.

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