Sherry Levitan

Sherry Levitan, LL.B.

Fertility Lawyer

Fertility Law

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Sherry Levitan is a Fertility Lawyer, and has been helping intended parents build their families using assisted reproduction for more than 20 years.

Practicing surrogacy and fertility law since 1991, Sherry regularly acts on behalf of intended parents who are trying to achieve a pregnancy with the assistance of sperm donors, ovum donors, embryo donors or surrogates, and has also represented donors and surrogates. Over the past 20+ years, she has worked on over 2,500 surrogacy agreements and more than 1,500 egg donation agreements.

Her expertise include, Fertility Coaching, Surrogacy Agreements, Egg Donor Agreements, Embryo Donation Agreements, Sperm Donor Agreements, Birth Registrations (Ontario) & Research and advice to fertility clinics, sperm banks, egg banks and agencies.

When the time comes to start your journey, Sherry would love to be your guide, because she believes that being a parent is the best ride of your life!

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