Teresa Maiorano RD

Teresa Maiorano, RD

Registered Dietitian and Medical Nutrition Therapist

Live and Love Nutrition

Topic: Fertility Food Facts – what to eat to get pregnant faster.

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Teresa Maiorano is a Registered Dietitian and graduate of Guelph University and Toronto Metropolitan University, each with a unique speciality in Food science and Nutrition. Her internship was completed at The Hospital for Sick Children where she spent a year learning clinical interventions for children and families alike.

She has been an active Member of Dietitians of Canada for 10 years and is an active member of the Canadian Nutrition Society, The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society and Obesity Canada, an editor and member of PENN Nutrition and a course creator and member of Dietitian Success Center. Teresa is also a supporting member of the Fertility Friends Foundation, a charity that provides funding for those undergoing ART procedures.

She is the proud owner and CEO of Live and Love Nutrition where she helps patients achieve their goals of growing their family. She works with Tripod Fertility and Twig Fertility, working with patients who are undergoing ART procedures and also works with women and couples looking to increase their odds without intervention. She is passionate about evidenced-based, personalized care, working 1:1 with patients and couples to create nutrition and lifestyle plans that work with them and for them.

For more information, see www.liveandlovenutrition.com.

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